Interfacing with mStable

Interacting with the mStable protocol is permissionless and non-custodial. Anyone can build a service to capitalise on the composibility offered through mStable's smart contracts.

How can I access the mStable protocol?

The protocol exists as open-access smart contracts on Ethereum and Polygon, meaning interacting with the protocol is permissionless - anyone can build a dApp layer or communicate directly with the blockchain to access the mStable protocol.

One such app is the mStable App: a slim, user focussed web application that allows users to:

  • SAVE mAssets in the mStable Savings Contract and earn yield

  • MINT and redeem mAssets, allowing you to convert bAssets into mAssets for free

  • SWAP between bAssets

  • POOL mAssets and feeder assets into a Feeder Pool and earn rewards

Communicate directly

It is possible, but not recommended to communicate directly through a Wallet provider (e.g. Metamask, MyCrypto). Doing so means writing your own transaction, which is something you should generally avoid doing.