πŸ“€ The mStable App is a lite application to interface with the mStable Forge and receive rewards

mStable App


The mStable App is a slim, user focussed web application that allows users to:

  • ​MINT and redeem effortlessly mASSETS, allowing you to convert bASSETS into mASSETS for free

  • ​SWAP between bASSETS at zero slippage

  • ​SAVE mASSETS in the mStable Savings Contract

  • ​EARN rewards for contributing to the growth of mStable

    • View the reward pools and the history of their allocations

The App is the first product built using the mStable SDK. Common functionality used here will be dissected, repackaged and re-purposed for the initial integration partners.


Built using React (Context/Hooks), web3-react, ethers.js and Typescript. It will be be open source.