⛱️ EARN consolidates all of our incentivised liquidity pools into one place, and lets anyone track their Meta rewards in real time.

All your MTA rewards in one place

EARN is a dashboard through which our users can see all of their yield farming options on mStable in one convenient place. It is the place where all of our Public MTA Rewards are currently distributed, and will likely be where future initiatives and incentives will be made accessible.

Currently, EARN lists incentivised liquidity pools from Balancer, Curve, and Uniswap. These pools are changed in response to votes proposed to the community. Reward amounts can be changed, new pools included, and old pools excluded, on a weekly basis. This process will be automated in future, with governance directing where rewards are sent.

Earning MTA

To earn MTA rewards, you must contribute liquidity pool tokens from the relevant pool to the mStable EARN contracts. Contributing to the underlying liquidity pools and not the EARN contracts will result in missed rewards, so it's important to check EARN to confirm that your liquidity contributions have been put to work. You can read more about this here.

A sample of available pools and yields from November 2020

Impermanent Loss

Finally, it is important to state that participation in these liquidity pools does expose you to impermanent loss. In particular, pools containing volatile tokens as one or both sides of the pool are very susceptible to impermanent loss as the price of the volatile token changes. Please do your own due diligence on impermanent loss before choosing to use EARN. You can learn more about it here and here.