mStable Configuration Change Proposals (MCCPs) detail and record changes made to mStable system parameters such as swap fees, max weights, and bAsset addition or removal

What is an MCCP?

MCCP’s are documents for making a case for modifying one of the mStable system configuration variables. The intent is to provide a clear and detailed history behind each configuration change and the rationale behind it at the time it was implemented. The author of the document is responsible for building consensus within the community and documenting dissenting opinions.

These MCCPs are labelled and discussed in mStable Community & Governance channels such the Forum, discord, and snapshot page. They are approved through a Meta Governance vote.

Relevant System Variables

MCCPs can cover a wide variety of system variables within the mStable ecosystem. These include:

  • Swap fees

  • Redemption fees

  • EARN pool rewards

  • Staking rewards

  • bAsset addition and removal

  • bAsset Weight calibrations

Current and historical MCCPs