App Usage Terms and Conditions

Disclaimers relevant to users of the mStable protocol and its applications

Risks of using mStable

Using mStable comes with risks. Before doing so, it is best to research and understand the risks involved. These risks fall across the following services:

  • Using the mStable contracts to mint, swap, and redeem stablecoins

  • Using the mStable contracts to deposit or withdraw mAssets from Save

  • Using the mStable EARN contracts for liquidity mining

  • Using the mStable Staking contracts to stake MTA

Users should do their own research depending on what they intend to use the mStable protocol for. Do not supply funds that you cannot afford to lose either to mStable as a liquidity provider or as a holder of mAssets.


mStable's code is rigorously tested and has undergone various audits to test the security of the protocol. However, security audits do not completely eliminate smart contract risk. You can find out more about our audits in the Security section.

Permanent loss of a bAsset peg

If one of the stablecoins being used as a bAsset in the mStable basket experiences a significant price movement below its peg without returning, it will effectively mean that the mStable contracts hold a portion of that bAsset at maximum weight. Those holding the corresponding mAsset could in this scenario experience a loss of value of the associated mAsset token.

Acceptance of Terms

By using or accessing the mStable services/site/applications, you represent and warrant that you understand that there are inherent risks associated with cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. You agree that the mStable genesis team is not responsible for any losses or damages associated with these risks. You specifically acknowledge and agree that the mStable services/site/applications are non custodial, and facilitate your interaction with decentralised networks and technology and, as such, the mStable genesis team cannot and do not guarantee that any transactions you submit or receive via the mStable protocol will be confirmed on the relevant blockchain and do not have the ability to effectuate any cancellation or modification requests regarding your transactions.

You agree to:

  • Never access this service using a wallet that is known to be compromised by a third party.

  • As open source software developers, we are not licensed by any federal or other regulatory agency.

  • The pricing information provided through the mStable services/site/applications does not represent an offer, a solicitation of an offer, or any advice regarding, or recommendation to enter into, a transaction.

  • The mStable genesis team does not own or control any of the underlying software securing the underlying blockchains used, and therefore is not responsible for their security or operation.

  • You are solely responsible for reporting and paying any taxes applicable to your use of

    the mStable services/site/applications.

  • Although it is intended to provide accurate and timely information on the Site, the

    Application or relevant tools may not always be entirely accurate, complete or current

    and may also include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Accordingly, you

    should verify all information before relying on it, and all decisions based on information

    contained on the Site, the Applications or relevant tools are your sole responsibility.

  • The mStable genesis team cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to maintain proper security of your wallets and keys.

In order to allow other users to have a full and positive experience of using the mStable services/site/applications you agree that you will not use the mStable protocol in a manner that:

  • Infringes or violates the intellectual property rights or any other rights of anyone else

    (including us);

  • Is illegal, harmful, fraudulent, deceptive, threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene,

    or otherwise objectionable;

  • Jeopardises the security of your wallet or anyone else’s (such as allowing someone else

    to log in to the mStable services/site/applications as you);

  • Attempts, in any manner, to obtain the private key, password, account, or other security

    information from any other user, including such information about the digital wallet;

As it has been already stated, mStable is non-custodial, so actions performed by you using the mStable services/site/applications remain your sole responsibility. We advise users who, at their discretion, use the mStable protocol to be aware of the following:

  • Before performing cryptocurrency transactions, it is important to have the necessary

    technical expertise and ability to evaluate the secure operation of your wallet

  • The transaction details you submit via the may not be completed, or

    may be substantially delayed, by the relevant blockchain used to process the

    transaction. There are no warranties or guarantees that a transfer initiated on the mStable services/site/applications will successfully transfer title or right in any cryptocurrency. Once transaction details have been submitted to a blockchain, we cannot assist you to

    cancel or otherwise modify your transaction.

  • If you experience any problem with any cryptocurrency purchased from or sold to a

    third party through the mStable services/site/applications, you bear the entire risk.

  • You are solely responsible for securing your private key(s). The mStable genesis team does not have access to your private key(s). If you lose your key(s), you won’t be able to use your funds.

Privacy Policy

To the maximum extent possible, the mStable genesis team and our applications try to collect as little data as possible from users.

Data we do collect includes:

  • Email address, your name and any other your data you provide to the mStable team when communicating with us. Such data is used only for communication with you.

  • IP address, MAC address, cookie identifiers, domain server, data related to usage, performance, site security, traffic patterns, location information, browser and device information when you are using the services at our site and/or app.

  • We may also receive information about you from other sources, including through third-party services and organisations. For example, if you access third-party services, through the mStable site and/or apps, we may collect data from these third-party services.

How and why we use your personal information

We may use your data listed above only for:

  • Our internal and operational purposes, when: ensuring security, identifying irregular website behaviour, preventing fraudulent activity and improving security at all possible levels

  • Assessing and improving the performance of the services we provide using the mStable protocol

To clear any doubts, the genesis team may use the data described above or any other information only at your request and consent for particularly-tailored purposes you may require from us. In no event will the mStable genesis team ever ask you to share your private keys or wallet seed. Never trust anyone or any site that asks you to enter your private keys or wallet seed.

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