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Interpreting Stats

The Stats page provides key metrics for mUSD and mBTC across a range of timeframes. This section provides an explanation the information available.

To get started, select mUSD or mBTC at the top of the page and the date range that you would like to view for each chart.


The Save chart shows the daily APY and Save Utilisation for the selected asset.

  • Daily APY represents the annualised percentage yield generated on assets deposited into the Save contract on a given day. This yield can fluctuate day-to-day due to variations in third party protocol yields, value of accrued token rewards, swap fees volume, and the Save Utilisation rate.

  • Save Utilisation rate shows the percentage of mUSD or mBTC that has been deposited into the Save contract to earn yield.


The Volume chart shows how users have interacted with mStable over the selected period, with volumes broken down into the following categories:

  • Mint: Volume of the selected asset minted by depositing assets into the underlying basket.

  • Deposit: Volume deposited into the Save contract.

  • Withdraw: Volume of assets withdrawn from the Save contract.

  • Swap: Volume of assets traded within the main underlying pool.

  • Redemption: Volume of mUSD or mBTC redeemed for other assets from the underlying basket.

  • Fees: Daily fee volume generated on swaps is shown on the axis on the right-hand-side of the chart.


The Totals chart shows the total supply of the chosen asset, as well as the total deposited into the Save contract.

Basket Share

The Basket Share shows the total volumes and percentage breakdown of underlying assets backing mUSD or mBTC. You can also see the amount of liquidity in each of the Feeder Pools.

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