Staking MTA

Stake your MTA tokens to take part in mStable's decentralized governance and earn rewards.

Understanding MTA Staking

The primary function of staking MTA is to allow users to participate in mStable's decentralised governance. Users choose to deposit MTA into the staking contract, and in return will receive voting power, MTA rewards, and boosted rewards on deposits in mStable's Save and Feeder Pool Vaults.

Once users deposit funds into the staking contract and start voting on proposals, they become an mStable Governor.

Benefits of staking MTA

  • Participate in decentralized governance with rights to vote

  • Apply boosts to yields on mStable app including Save and Pools

  • Earn a pro-rata share of monthly staking rewards

  • Take part in Quests to multiply MTA rewards and receive other benefits

How to stake MTA

To get started staking MTA, visit the Staking page on the mStable Governance App:

More information on staking including details of Staking v2 implementation, how to vote and how you can delegate your votes or become a delegatee can be found in on the Staking page in our Governance docs.

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