Staking MTA can also give a boost to the earned MTA from Feeder Pools and Save.
Depositing as a Liquidity Provider for the Feeder Pools, or staking into Save Vault accrues additional MTA rewards. These rewards can be increased with a boost. A boost can be acquired by staking MTA in the Staking app.
A boost from staking can be applied to a maximum of 6 vault contracts.
The multiplier is set by default to1.00xand increases with the amount of MTA that is staked in the staking contract. Additionally, any multipliers earned from quests also increase that balance.
The scaled balance can be then used to derive the vMTA that is used for the earning power calculation. The conversion is 1 vMTA = 12 scaled MTA
Earning Power Calculator
Using vMTA as voting_weight the boost is then calculated as:
boost = min(3e18, max(1e18, 98e16 +
(9 * min(vMTA_balance, 600000e18) / (deposit*priceCoeff/1e18)^(3/4)))
    With deposit as the balance of the vault
    and priceCoeff as the pool dependent price coefficient to denominate the rough value of a vault token.
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