Staking & Withdrawing

This page describes the choices of the staking tokens and how to stake these

If you are looking to migrate your stake from V1 to V2 check out this guide.

With staking V2 there is now a choice to which tokens to stake:


MTA is the native governance token in the mStable ecosystem. It can be obtained on most decentralised exchanges, some centralised exchanges or from mStable's liquidity incentives. More information about MTA can be found on this page:


MTA/ETH Balancer Pool Token (BPT)

The Balancer Pool Token (BPT) is composed of 80% MTA and 20% WETH.

BPTs offer increased capital efficiency and deeper liquidity for MTA, with the ability to create pools of customized weights. Stakers of the MTA/WETH BPT can also earn additional swap fees when users trade on the WETH/MTA pair on Balancer Protocol.

Furthermore, the pair offers additional exposure to ETH and therefore grants a more diversified portfolio allocation.

Visit the Balancer app and navigate to the 80/20 MTA/WETH Balancer Pool page. There you can select whether you want to add double-sided liquidity in the form of, 80% MTA and 20% WETH, or single-sided liquidity by providing either MTA or WETH. This will prompt a transaction for approving the token (or 2 transactions in case you chose to add double-sided liquidity adding double-sided liquidity).

Caution: When providing single-sided liquidity, be mindful of the price impact this might have for you. If the price impact is too high, consider providing double-sided liquidity instead.

Which one to choose

MTA remains the token to be used for staking for the majority of users. For more experienced DeFi users, we added an additional staking token: stakeable 80 MTA / 20 WETH Balancer Pool Tokens enabling stakers to earn additional rewards in the form of swap trading fees and BAL tokens. As the latter staking option increases the gas cost for most subsequent interactions, we would recommend it only to larger stakers.

Cooldown and withdrawal window

Redeemers must signal their request for a given amount to withdraw by entering a 3 week cooldown period. This period is followed by an unstaking window of 2 weeks during which the requested balance can be withdrawn. Partial withdrawals are possible. If the unstaking window period expires without the staker initiating the withdrawal, a new cooldown period needs to be initialised. During the cooldown, the voting and earning power for the amount that was chosen to be withdrawn is removed as the staker has signalled to exit with that amount. If the staker only partially withdraws his stake, voting and earning with the remainder of the locked amount is unaffected.

Withdrawal fee

To avoid users withdrawing early and potentially exploiting the governance process with e.g. purchasing MTA for a short-term only, swaying a vote and thus consequently unstaking, an early withdrawal fee is charged:

The withdrawal fee is 7.5% for the first 3 weeks after which it reduces gradually until week 48 when it reaches 0%. Increasing the stake will adjust the timestamp. The weighted timestamp is calculated to adjust with the weight of the additional stake.

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