Interface with mStable
Interacting with the mStable protocol is permissionless and non-custodial. Anyone can build a service to capitalise on the composibility offered through mStable's smart contracts.

How can I access the mStable protocol?

The protocol exists as open-access smart contracts on Ethereum and Polygon, meaning interacting with the protocol is permissionless - anyone can build a dApp layer or communicate directly with the blockchain to access the mStable protocol.
One such app is the mStable App: a slim, user focussed web application which allows users to:
    Deposit assets into or withdraw assets from the Save contract
    Provide liquidity through the Feeder Pools
    Swap between any supported assets efficiently
    View Stats relating to the mStable ecosystem

Communicate directly

It is possible, but not recommended to communicate directly through a Wallet provider (e.g. Metamask, MyCrypto). Doing so means writing your own transaction, which is something you should generally avoid doing.
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