Staking V2

Staking v2

Staking v2 launched on the 16th of August, 2021. The new staking implementation makes a number of changes to the way users can stake MTA to become MTA Governors, including:

  • Staking choice of MTA or 80/20 MTA/WETH Balancer Pool Tokens

  • Introducing Quests which allow users to earn permanent or seasonal voting power and rewards multipliers by completing certain tasks which incentivise voter engagement and alignment with the long-term success of mStable. More information on Quests can be found here.

  • Removing the requirement to lock up MTA for a pre-determined time period. Instead, users can earn rewards multipliers based on the length of time that their MTA has been staked.

  • Introduces a cool-down period to ensure that Governors cannot remove stake quickly in the case of an adverse event.

  • Introduces a decaying withdrawal fee to disincentive short term staking and voting which could otherwise be used to manipulate governance votes. After 48 weeks, there will be no fee to withdraw staked MTA.

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