Quests are actions that stakers can undertake to earn a multiplier that will increase the scaled balance and thus, staking rewards, voting power and boost to other pools.

The overall scaled balance is calculated based on the rawBalance (the staked amount) with the timeMultiplier and the questMultiplier:

scaledBalance = rawBalance * timeMultiplier * questMultiplier

The timeMultiplier is awarded based on the staked duration and does not need to be submitted:

  • 1x for less than 13 weeks,

  • 1.2x for 13–25 weeks,

  • 1.3x for 26–51 weeks,

  • 1.4x for 52–77 weeks,

  • 1.5x for 78–103 weeks,

  • 1.6x for longer than 103 weeks.

The questMultiplier is awarded by fulfilling quests and need to be submitted upon completion.

There are two kinds of questMultipliers: permanent that will stay forever and seasonal that are only valid for a season (9 Months). The currently available quests can be seen in the Questbook:

Check status

You can check the status of a quest by clicking on the card. This will navigate to the quest details page. On this page, more details about the completion can be seen.

Check Status: Initiates a check to update the completion status. Press this button if a requirement is fullfilled but not shown in the UI.

If all requirements are fullfilled it is possible to either Claim the quest multiplier yourself or to Auto-Submit the quest completion in the next batch.

Claim: This will trigger an on-chain transaction and claim the quest multiplier. Note choosing this will occur gas costs depending on the network demand.

Submit Quest: This will prompt a message to be signed by you. This message represents your completions status and will be batch send on-chain by mStable on your behalf. No gas cost will occur in this case, but the multipliers will be only updated once per week.

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