Grants Program
Get paid to build applications on mStable or support the community through our Grants Program.

About the Grants Program

The mStable Grants Program empowers the community to help grow the mStable ecosystem. Grants are administered by the community-led mStable GrantsDAO, which facilitates the process of providing grants to projects, ideas and events that build on top of mStable.

Program Details

The mStable GrantsDAO has allocated 100,000 MTA every quarter for funding grants, unless the previous quarter's funds are less than 50% utilized.
The grants program will run from 1 Jun 2021 to 1 Jul 2022 for a period of one year with monthly application reviews.

What Are We Funding?

As long as you are building something useful for the mStable ecosystem, we welcome you to apply for our developer and community grants.

Developer Grants

The mStable DAO is mainly looking to fund development efforts from members of the community including:
  • Protocol development
  • Integrations and business development
  • Code audits
  • API/Subgraph documentation
  • Hackathons
  • Community tools and utilities (explorers, wallets, .info sites, forums, etc.)

Community Grants

We are also looking to fund organic and grassroots community initiatives to build and strengthen mStable's community of members and Governors including:
  • Translation and content creation
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Infographics
  • NFT design
  • mStable swag for the community
  • Community leaderboard

Application Process

If you are ready to apply for a grant, you can start the process using this application form. A summary of the grants process is shown below:
  • Application Browse our grants program and apply through the application form.
  • Review Grant applications are reviewed on a monthly basis.
  • Approval The GrantsDAO will review your application.
  • Disbursement Grants will be made directly to your Ethereum address within 48 hours of acceptance.
Further information on requirements can be found in our documentation on Notion.

Previously Funded Grants

Developer Grants

HAL: The HAL team have developed a set of automated Twitter bots and a broader set of automation tools that offer the community ways to seamlessly track and react to significant events happening across the mStable stack. See this Medium article for more information.
mStats: This project is an initiative to deliver a weekly snapshot report that contains some of the most important metrics and info from the mStable ecosystem.
Symphony Finance: Funding mStable integration into the Symphony Finance DApp which creates yield generating limit orders.
Gelt: The Gelt team are building a dollar-denominated DeFi savings account powered by mStable.

Community Grants

Donations: The mStable Grants Program has contributed to projects including OpenDeFi, Gitcoin and the GoodFi Alliance.
Other successful grant applications include funding for design work for mStable graphics, videos and NFTs, funding for translation services and funding of YouTube content creators.