Glossary of Terms

Common terminology used throughout the mStable suite


In the context of The mStable Standard, a basket refers to the underlying weighted selection of stablecoins that collateralises an mAsset. Baskets can change over time as MTA holders vote to add, remove, or change the weightings of individual stablecoins within the basket.

Basket Asset / bAsset

A Basket Asset is one of the underlying stablecoins present in a Basket. It has a 'Max Weight' - which is the maximum proportion of the mAssets collateral it is allowed to represent.


An action of Minting or Redeeming mAssets on-chain through the smart contract system.


A stablecoin that is collateralised and diversified by an underlying basket of stablecoins.

Meta / MTA

The Meta token (ticker symbol MTA) is an ERC-20 utility token on Ethereum, coordinating decentralised governance of mStable assets, and as a resource for re-collateralization.

mStable / the mStable Standard

A multi-token smart contract system developed by Stability Labs that is future-proofed, verifiably collateralised, provides on-chain minting and redemption, swapping, and saving and is coordinated through decentralised governance.

mStable Assets / mAssets

The non-custodial meta-stablecoins created on The mStable Standard, beginning with mUSD and mBTC.


An mStable Asset pegged to the United States Dollar, and backed by a basket of USD-pegged stablecoins.

Price oracle

A service/API which provides real-time price data used by mStable's smart contracts to calculate fees and determine de-pegging events.


The mechanism whereby, after a basket change for a mStable Asset, users will receive quantities of the underlying stablecoins such that there is a movement towards the new basket’s composition.

Stability Labs

A software development company developing The mStable Standard.


Cryptocurrencies designed to minimise the effect of price volatility, usually via pegging to a particular asset class (e.g. USD or Gold).