Community Grants

We are looking to fund organic and grassroots community initiatives to build and strengthen mStable's community of members and governors.

What are the goals of our community grants?

mStable is building open, autonomous and decentralized stablecoin infrastructure. To do that successfully, we need to build an inclusive and decentralized community that's global and accessible to anyone.

We cannot do it ourselves - that's why we need your help!

We are funding community development efforts through our community grants program which will reward users for their time and efforts that they do on behalf of our community.

What are the requirements to contribute?

We welcome anyone to contribute depending on your skillsets and interests. We have a variety of interesting initiatives that we need help with across content, translations and grassroots community building.

Check out what are the ongoing initiatives or suggest an idea that we can help bootstrap.

What is the process like to contribute?

We are formalising the process for community grants, which will be similar to how development grants are formalised, to be controlled by a multi-sig community DAO.

Grants will be visible and transparent to the community.

How do I get started?

Come say hello in our Discor​​d and share your ideas. You can also suggest ideas in the forum.