Open Reward Pool

🎁 Get rewarded for being an early contributors to mStable’s liquidity and utility

mStable uses reward mechanisms to incentivise its users to act in the best interest of the ecosystem as it grows. In total, 20,000,000 MTA (20% of Meta’s total supply) will be emitted via an open reward pool to directly incentive those that provide resources to bootstrap the minting of mStable assets, and to fund their initial liquidity and utility. This has a dual benefit of creating a fair and wide distribution of the governance token.

Rewards are split between Minting and Ecosystem incentives, are distributed in monthly tranches, increase over year 1, and then decline slowly until the pool is exhausted. Alongside this, any tail emission of MTA will also be used to contribute to these pools. Users are paid out their rewards after a 12 month lock up period.

This reward pool is open to anyone. Whether you’re an individual crypto holder or one of our corporate liquidity partners, everyone has access to claim some of this reward pool on the same terms. By leveraging these two reward mechanisms, we believe users can get the best available return available on their stablecoin holdings.

Total projected rewards over 4 years

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