↩️ Users are rewarded in Meta for minting mStable assets. The reward is proportional to the mint volume placed in the SAVE contract within a given period.

Minting mStable assets earns you Meta

As mStable's mASSET supply is bootstrapped, the early contributors who mint these mAssets will be directly rewarded in proportion to their minting volume. Every month, 25% of the public reward pool has been allocated toward these minting incentives.

This has the two fold effect of rapidly growing mStable's liquidity as well as creating a wide-spread base of Meta holders — two mission critical components of mStable’s long term success.

These minting rewards reduce over time in line with the total rewards pool, increasing in the first year, then gradually declining over time.

Minting rewards will be time-bound according to the time spent in the mStable Savings Contract. More granular information will be released soon.

Projected minting rewards (blue) over time against ecosystem rewards (yellow)

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