Meta co-ordinates mStable's collective governance.

What is Meta?

Meta (MTA) coordinates mStable’s decentralised governance, fosters long-term alignment for stakeholders, and creates value for the protocol and its users.

How to get MTA?

MTA can be earned by using mStable:

  • Depositing into Save

  • Providing liquidity on our Feeder Pools

  • Staking MTA

  • Contributing to mStable through our Grants Program

  • Work on Bounties

What's the utility of MTA?

MTA is used for liquidity mining to bootstrap a decentralized community of governors.

MTA can be staked to earn staking rewards and boosted rewards across the protocol to incentivise long-term holders.

By staking, MTA governors vote on the direction of the protocol, its parameters and funding.

As the protocol grows, value accrual mechanisms will be used to continuously drive value to MTA. For example, a buyback and make mechanism has been recently implemented to buyback MTA on Balancer.

Where can I buy mStable MTA?

MTA is traded on major exchanges like Huobi and FTX, and decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and Bancor.